What Am I?

I am someone fraught with self-belief,
And haunted by self-doubt.

I've got all the answers,
I've got nothing figured out.

I like to be myself,
I hate to be alone.

Sometimes I'm million colors,
Sometimes I'm black n white.

I'm up and I'm down,
But that's part of the thrill,
Part of the plan,
Part of all the things I am....

I'm an angel, I'm a devil,
I'm sometimes in between.

I'm as bad as it can get,
And good as it can be.

Sometimes I'm miserable,
Sometimes I'm pitiful.

I'm special, I'm beautiful,
I'm all extremes,
Try figure me out, you never can,
There's so many things I am......

I Paint...............

I paint while roses and violets fade,
Lost in the world full of magic and thought,
My brush like a feather glides,
thus making my own paradise....

I paint to let my heart out,
In corner spaces or open fields,
to let my visions by night and day....

I paint to make my dreams alive,
Lingering in the dream world,
to let the dreams come into existence....

I paint to make someone feel happy,
In their presence,
to bring smiles on their face....

I paint to bring the dead alive,
With a heart not to forget them,
to make a difference in others lives...