Love is a stranger

You came as a wishful dreams Or were they nightmares, now I wonder?

They were lovely while they lasted,
The embrace, the caress, the affection, the love,
So innocent, so pure, so divine,
You were a sweetheart,
You had such a magical aura, a spark which made me wallow in your love for a moment,
Hope it lasted forever,
you were here to pacify all my pain,

But it is was over now, all that is left is intense longing,
A sense of loss,
Something so close to the heart is gone,

In the drain of pain, If I ever find rain, for you are long gone,
Away for a long time, from my memories, from my embraces, from my heart, from my eyes,

But It is not gone,
It was never there to be gone,
It never existed,
Except in the dream,

you are a stranger,
your love was a stranger,
you invaded my dreams with all the pure love you had to give,

I now sit longing for you,
For you brings solace, the heart's embrace’ comfort,
For you bring the rains, to wash away the stains of the previous you for a new me,

Oh dream oh dream, rain on me, again
The wait for the next dream for You to appear will be long and it pains.