First Kiss

In the midst of our talk,
You seemed to glow, like heaven-sent,
You seemed so close that,
I felt the warmth, that your heart lent.
You smiled and winked, I took a breath.
I heard your heart, Beat in your chest.
Short I was in your warm embrace,
I felt a touch so soft and tender.
You leaned over and kissed me,
With a passion flowing free.
I leaned towards you,and closed my eyes.
I felt my knees go weak.
It made me feel , so reassured.
You left me wanting more,
And my soul free of pain .


I view the world,
as a vale of tears,
confesses my eyes..... 
Do I need a reason?
to make a confession,
during any season...

Written for:

Just fear

The fear races through my mind,
aching my heart for the alarm of it,
making my emotions difficult to capture,
causing my eyes cry painfully,
and making life more miserable to lead.



           I ask,
Is there no escape ?
no doors to walk out of ?
no windows to go through ?

Of the wide world I stand alone, and think
Is there a way to cease my fear ???????