I was so happy,
Every time you smiled at me,
With a smile that melted away everything.

Hence I always wanted to be your sky,
And envelope your sadness.
Whenever you looked up, you would know you are not alone.
Even if you are far away,
You know you have a place to come back.

But off late the space between us has become too big.
Waiting for your honest reply,
Has made me lonely.
Although today is hard to bear,
Even when yesterdays scars remain,
I will work out with a heart that wants to trust.
Coz I can’t be born again.
But I can change as I go on.
Let’s stay together,

Written for :
Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 57  &  Gooseberry Garden

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award.
I nominate JAY for the next award.