Hallucination - 2

I caught a glimpse of her; just in the moment she was trying to settle herself. She was a cute little girl who was travelling along with me to a place where I was heading for a dream. We got acquainted of each other. We had a lovely talk over stuff and everything seemed so uptight. We together enjoyed the whisperings of the ocean, the clickety-clack of the rails, the hum of the passing country side, the ringing flash of crossing lights and studying the names of the stations.
Drowsing, heads lolling, voices amplified and faded in the clickety – clack of the rails as darkness coated the windows. We also thought of having a slumber. Glassed with cold sleep and dazzled by the moon, out of the confused hammering dark of the train, I looked and saw under the moon’s cold sheet and noticed dark small trees that burn suddenly into flowers more lovely than the white moon. Everything looked so tranquil. Then we were stopped at a station for some time. I got down the train to enjoy my feet in the silent lighted yet deserted station. I had no words to describe the place, the way it looked and the way I felt.
And soon, so soon I noticed someone getting down the train. It was none other than that small girl. I called her name but no response. Listen, Can you hear me Laura? I screeched. Again there was no reciprocation. As I continued to call, she continued to walk along the more unlighted area. I followed her silently and crossed on to the other platform, where there was another train ready to depart.
As I stood there I held my breath, fearfully glancing up at her. My feet became numb, my heart started pounding.  I stood fearful, confused, drowned, fallen, startled, furious, horror-stricken and many more. All the emotions urged to take a shape. I had so many questions unanswered, many broken. I felt all the longings turning away into silent stillness.
I could sense in her the terror of the shivery sea. Her eyes were fraught with full of resentment and bitter desires. I could hear the wild cries and a lot more horrid voices. It was so dark in the night where I could hear some footsteps too. She was surrounded by a very different aura which took my breath away.  The winds blew fiercely and then it blew slowly.  The trees bent uneasy, leaning to and fro. I was lost within strange fear.
This time again, I stood there glancing at her while she was settling down on one of the huge wheels of the ready to move train. And the train speeds on and the darkness grew and screams rented the foetid air. But she was not affected by its action or the wheels rotation. No matter how fast the wheel rotated, she was on top of the wheel unaffected. On the spur of the moment she gazed into my eyes and smiled. Her smile was sinister. I was in pain and grief and felt my eyes tortured.  The train left and there I stood alone excruciated in the midst of the shuddery night.
I woke up from my dream with great anguish, perspiring. I was scared to death at this little fright, but I had to sleep on through the night, until I could see the sun on its peak.