Find me a person
who could love me
with all my flaws

 Written for:

Angel of smile

A beautiful smile on her lovely lips melted away all the pain. She was loved by everyone for her appealing smile, which they said was therapeutic.People savored her presence, said talking to her taught them a lot, helped them cherish every single moment in their life, changed their life drastically. They said they could never find someone like her and no one could ever take her place. They said she cared so much that she forgot to keep a little for herself. Everyone wished to have her in their lives so that their life became meaningful and soulful. She was admired for everything she was. She was said that she awakened their souls and made them reach for more , she planted a fire in their hearts and brought peace to their minds.

But they failed to realize that her smile was a wall which blocked out everyone to see the real her. She seemed so strong but daily continued to break, she seemed she was always there and had no problems of her own, she always held back tears until she was off the phone. She was a hollow shell filled with emptiness. She longed to feel the calmness. She was not heard behind her smile. She was in darkness like there's no escape. Feelings so heartless, things were just never the same. She always muttered,

Behind my smile is a hurting heart
behind my laugh I’m falling apart
look closely at me & you will see
the girl I am - isn’t really me

Her heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose , no one will ever know.