Friendship in life

The clock ticked 6, when my thoughts said that I had to head back home.

"Well I guess I got to take an off for the day as I have some work back home", I said.
Abruptly there popped up a duffel bag in my friends hand in front of me.

What's in there?
Is it a new pair of jeans for yourself?
Or is it a collection of some strange things?

But, there came no answer from Akin. The bag still popping in front of my eyes.

"Well dear this one is for you", said Akin's voice.

My eyebrows raised in astonishment."For me, Well its not my birthday", I grinned.

He grimaced by saying ,

"It doesn't seem to get any better...
But it doesn't seem to get any worse either.
So, I am thankful for you."

My words were unspoken and the silence was shared. I accepted the token of gift and started off from there.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts started lingering in my mind. They were mixed and baffled and dint no, on which thought to land up.I was just a complete mess of thoughts.

Is he not going to talk to me anymore?For what did he thank me?Does he want to part ways?Did I do anything to hurt him?A lot of things just perplexed me.

If that's what he wants,fine. But I know its heartbreaking and really difficult to deal with.But I knew this would happen some day soon.And the hard day had arrived I solaced myself.

I palpated may be he would be better off without me..Had to avoid cliches. Harked back all the retentions which clinged to my heart. Those were the days which brought smile on our faces.Those were the days we were brain-sick. My nerves started crumbling. I felt my dreams dissipating.

The whole evening was just fraught with the thoughts of all the days we relished together.At long last I took my phone and stared dialing his number.

The ringing sound was heard assuring the established connection.

A very pleasing voice said "Hello dear, whats up?? ".

I stuttered, "Just... dono... called... up...".

Damn, what am I supposed to speak, Am I doing the right thing by calling him up? My hands were balled in a fist, my joints ached, The smooth curve on my lips was bewildered to appear.

"Are you there", he suspired.

My emotions were erupting with fear dominating, but dint wanted to whine.

"Hey are you alright", came his voice again from the Electronic equipment.

"Well I just wanted to unfold my thoughts, just listen to me, up your headphones",I screamed which raised from the base of my spine like a snake.

After a moment the silence was broken with my words, "I can't hold it anymore" and there I went on and on spilling the beans.

Sob with fear and restlessness had started . Wanted to be embraced in his arms.

There came not even a single word from the other side which made me stop for a while.

"Are you done dear, Or anything else left out which u wanna say", Akin muttered.

Anger seized abruptly hearing to those words. I wanted him to watch the tears streaming off my face, So that he could understand the way I was feeling.

Tardily the voice started moving across the wire once again to reach me which said "Listen up dear, U have all got me wrong and u are distressing for nothing".
"I am never going to say farewell , that's a promise from my side".
"The smile on your face should never fade away".
"Being your friend I will do anything to see that smile on your face forever".

Just those last words which felt which came from the bottom of his heart made me keep my emotions at check and made me wallow in joy. Tears were turned into twinkles in my eyes.

The thoughts which had made me frantic with anger, frustration and mixed emotions just vanished in a moment. Felt like I was out of an eternity.

Now I taught I could have peaceful sleep, with full of musical beep.

I went out to take a sneak peak at the beautiful moon which made my heart tune to the sparkling of the stars.I felt as if my friendship had survived the test of time.

I learn t that Friendship doesn't ask for more its a very sweet relationship between two blossoming hearts.

A friend is someone you can be alone with and have nothing to do and not be able to think of anything to say and be comfortable in the silence.. ---Sheryl Condie