Whom would you choose?

Two voices sounding in my ears.....

A Mellow voice once said I love the way you are and would accept you the way you are.

Another voice said I too love you the way you are but would want you to get better.

Well The first enunciated, I would never ask you that coz I know that, come hell or high water ,its all in you and whether I cite or not you would ameliorate.

Then the second said If I myself, the person who loves you so much , don't spill the beans about your flaws , then how would you improve and who else would utter it?

I trust you altogether, that you would always strive to get better, Whether others recount about your flaws or not, muttered the first.

Well you are an wonderful person no doubt, but there are few things which you have to work on and which you cannot find it thyself , hence you need someone who loves you to guide you, sighed the second husky voice.

I have no complaints and no demands . You are the best I have ever found and would love to see you ameliorating and I know you would earn felicity in you yourself growing without taking the lending hands , said the first.

Second whispered, What is the point in having a loved one when he is not able to chasten you? Neither would I ever rant and rave.

Then the first said, A person who loves you will unremittingly be by your side at all times.
(support you even tho you are not perfect and support you at any time.)

Invariably there I am for you to hold on in your tough times. But Firstly I must see that you don't get in to that tough times ever . That's what is me, said the second.

I would love to see your heart flying with wings and if the wings are broken I am here to lend you my wings, mumbled the first vox.

I would never let your wings break to begin with, suspired the Second vox.

The cock crew and I was awakened by this strange dream...

PS: I would like my readers to share their thoughts on whom they would choose in such a situation.. It would be great to hear from you guys.......

I received the Perfect Poet Award from Thursday poets rally week 47 and I hereby accept this with gratitude.I thank everyone for this giving me this award.