Buried in time

Many things unsaid,
Many things unfelt,
How could all these be stored here,
What if this heart stops?
Is it all lost with time?
All those things unsaid are never revealed or answered.
The tears behind those feelings are never heard.
All buried along with this heart laid to rest.

Letter from the sea

You have been gone for so long,
I waited for you on cold nights,
hankering to look into your eyes,
Like sparkling emeralds set into stars,
and with a lighting flame in my heart.

Years Passed by as I watched the breeze,
My heart was in entropy and I couldn't feel the ease,
Neither could I convey the emptiness inside.
Felt like a wound which wouldn't stop bleeding,
And lost all the hopes of you getting back.

There came a day which bought a smile on my lips,
By a letter which raised from the sea,
An ink stained paper with your words lost in time,
Saying I missed you and your love which has no words to explain,
Here I stand baffled now, "have I got back light in my darkened world".

Written for :

Bleeding Wings

There you are surronding me as my wings
And making me an angel by providing wings.
But I was haunted and obsessed by the dreams,
Oh Lord, Dont make me bleed by tearing apart my wings,
And landing my future in ultimate pain,
By taking away my soul's light,
And I knew this day was not merely a chance.

But, Here I stand praying on my knees,
Desiring not to loose the heart beneath my wings.
But Is he still there, listening to my prayers,
And to show me some mercy atleast this time?
Suddenly everything has turned me upside down,
By making me fall into deep pit of darkness,
Which would never allow me to see the light of day again.