Long Longing!! (Part-2)

The rain took off and made the journey more memorable and admirable. A bead of tear trickled down her cheeks. She was not lucid about her feelings.

"Can I hug him as soon as I get to meet?"

"What is the first thing I should talk to him?"

"How should I react or how will I react?"

"Am i finally gonna meet him?"

"Would he still look the same?"

"How would he react?"

"Am I looking fine?"

"What would be the first thing he would say?"

these and many more were the thoughts that were swaying in her mind.

The phone interrupted her thoughts.

"Hello", she talked in a low tone.

"Hey dear where are you?"

"On my way, I may be there within another 15 mins".

 "Fine take your time and drive safe".

 "Sure dear, catch u up soon", she says and disconnected the call.

Finally she arrived in front of the coffee day. She got down from the cab and thanked the driver for driving safely. She was a bit panicky but very commoved to meet him. She took a long gasp and looked around for him. A sense of happiness engulfed her as soon as she saw him and started walking briskly towards him. She couldn't believe her own eyes.

"Man you are finally here", she whispered to herself.

She hoped the whole world around her stopped just there and she could gaze at him to the fullest. Both were totally out of words and just stared at each other for few minutes.

"Love....", her voice comes in a hoarse whisper as soon as her  eyes confirmed his presence.

She started blushing when he looked into her eyes and helped her hand in his.

She mutters,  every day I made that one special wish. Can u guess what is it?

Someday I hoped to see you again.

"And here I am" :) ^_^

Note: I haven't divulged her name at all.. Do u wanna know?? Here it goes... Ananya is her name....


Anonymous said...

This is like awesome.. I bet people will fall in love once they read it...!!! Good Going..!!!

Anonymous said...

sure what he says is true....

what is that name u have hidden...

subbu said...

this is for you !!! only for you !!


joejoseph said...

read the post!


very nice,beutyfull!

iam in mad through

saya said...

@joejoseph Thanks for dropping in:)
I am glad all you guys liked it.. thanks :)