Solely she sits in despair,
Without divulging the reason,
In the winter doldrums...

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After those times of yearning, of hoping, of caring and of longing…
All those things I cared for; all the love I gave for;
All those times I thought he cared…
Yet, the day comes for me to know
That I was so blind to see...

Didn't know I was so worthless in your eyes,
was just another wound formed with lies,
Whenever I learn this I get mad it hurts me so bad,
And you don't even care,
I don't know why, I just want to cry...

You set the hopes high,
And all of a sudden you try not to see the hopes,
You think I can dance according to your tunes every time,
If so you are wrong my dear....

When I am hurt I feel like dirt,
And my spirit's bruised and battered.
I do not know why it has to be so,
I really wish it did not,
But the way this has been going,
it is basically shot...

Well may be now I should just say goodbye,
As I will not allow the hollow feeling in my chest,
"Why am I being rejected again?" overboard or hurt me,
I know I can make my own space,
and will try to make a brand new amazing magic me...

These are the final words I have to say-
I love you, but goodbye.

Journey begins

My journey begins here, Now
To the shore of absolute freedom,
Seeking to encounter serenity.

Though my journey is not going to be easy,
My thoughts will direct, My way in the journey,
My virtue will be the fodder for my thoughts

Hope this journey becomes a stepping stone,
On the path to greater things,
With my footprints in the sand.

Written for Poetry Potluck Week 17: