Whom would you choose?

Two voices sounding in my ears.....

A Mellow voice once said I love the way you are and would accept you the way you are.

Another voice said I too love you the way you are but would want you to get better.

Well The first enunciated, I would never ask you that coz I know that, come hell or high water ,its all in you and whether I cite or not you would ameliorate.

Then the second said If I myself, the person who loves you so much , don't spill the beans about your flaws , then how would you improve and who else would utter it?

I trust you altogether, that you would always strive to get better, Whether others recount about your flaws or not, muttered the first.

Well you are an wonderful person no doubt, but there are few things which you have to work on and which you cannot find it thyself , hence you need someone who loves you to guide you, sighed the second husky voice.

I have no complaints and no demands . You are the best I have ever found and would love to see you ameliorating and I know you would earn felicity in you yourself growing without taking the lending hands , said the first.

Second whispered, What is the point in having a loved one when he is not able to chasten you? Neither would I ever rant and rave.

Then the first said, A person who loves you will unremittingly be by your side at all times.
(support you even tho you are not perfect and support you at any time.)

Invariably there I am for you to hold on in your tough times. But Firstly I must see that you don't get in to that tough times ever . That's what is me, said the second.

I would love to see your heart flying with wings and if the wings are broken I am here to lend you my wings, mumbled the first vox.

I would never let your wings break to begin with, suspired the Second vox.

The cock crew and I was awakened by this strange dream...

PS: I would like my readers to share their thoughts on whom they would choose in such a situation.. It would be great to hear from you guys.......

I received the Perfect Poet Award from Thursday poets rally week 47 and I hereby accept this with gratitude.I thank everyone for this giving me this award.


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written :)

I feel these two voices exist in every heart at every time,but if given a choice to pick one of them, I'll go with the one who is ready to be by my side at all times yet gently guide me improve being a better person.

Loving unconditionally is indeed true form of love, but staying blind to your loved ones shortcomings,for the fear of hurting them isn't correct either.

If we love someone true,we must be ready to support them and help them grow by letting them know their gray areas too.

saya said...

@dialoguewithyou guess you are true. But there are a lot of times when we really can't decide whom to choose.
Guess your choice is valid with pretty good reasoning..:)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful thought about this :)

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Fabulous and searching, yet simple. I believe neither of the two are important and probably neither will ever exist in the perfection of your dream. The important thoughts on your worth and your growth are your own thoughts. (just my humble opinion.) Very good writing. Thought presented clearly, yet still as a song.

Anonymous said...

Very intriguing write! I don't know which voice speaks louder - on one hand, I believe in protecting and nurturing but on the other I believe that failure is the best teacher a person could have. I shall have to ponder this.

Andy said...

What a conundrum indeed!
Both are right in their own way, but I would have to agree with abthomas.

I ameliorated myself by looking up ameliorate:)

A thought-provoking piece.

(Thanks for visiting my blog)

Jingle said...

there are always two voices within,
awesome highlight of them,most of the time, we follow our sixth senses.

thanks for joining poets rally.
have fun!

Vinod said...

Finding our true voice from these two voices. Well written

Anonymous said...

I agree very thought-provoking its not an easy choice. In the first unless they know you, the whole you flaws and all then they are only in love with an illusion. Once that illusion is broken they could very well leave claiming your not the person they fell in love with to start. Its seems a situation of being in love with the concept of love itself. The second is good in someways for example wanting to know all of you and the desire to protect is good but not the desire to control, you have to make mistakes to grow. If they only meant they wanted to support you on your journey that's good. But I would say something between the two lol

Bhargav said...

"be my side"... thats the true courage and true definition of LOVE... awesome...

saya said...

@MarblesInMyPocket the line "The important thoughts on your worth and your growth are your own thoughts" is very strong and true..

I am glad for knowing your thoughts :)

@abthomas hope to know more once you are done with your pondering :) Thanks for valuable comments.

@Andy I appreciate for taking your time and for letting me know your thoughts :)

saya said...

@jingle yes for every decision we try to take guess we will have two voices debating always :)

@vinod and bhargav thanks for visiting my blog and i am glad you liked my post :)

saya said...

@mindlovemisery well something between the two he he he :)
I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me :)

Ravenblack said...

Like overhearing a gentle conversation between two friends. Very interesting and insightful.