I want to spread my wings,
do a thousand things,
I have never done before...

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Neeraja said...

Nice one! It is this freedom we all pray and hope for. The question is if we'd ever be able to be that free.

Jingle said...

me 2,
do a million things...
well done.

saya said...

@neeraja Yeah you are so true.. Its very difficult to get that freedom. But hope to atleast get the most of it :)

@jingle Thanks :)

Dhadheechi said...

A Heart is in a cage,
Surrounded by ribs,
A Thought is in a cage,
Surrendered to plenty of cribs,
Born in you is your courage,
The only friend who never fibs.
He's the key to the cage,
To freedom to which he gibs...
..saya your thought touches me to depths. I wish you to be free for eternity..

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

awesome take.
well done,

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Now, have you begun to move beyond wanting to doing?

Angels’ Wings

Vinay said...

spread the wings and fly.. do what u want to :) nice one..

saya said...

@Dhadheechi thanks :)

@Magical Mystical Teacher well as I already said its difficult to get that complete freedom. But yeah where ever possible I have moved beyond wanting to do it n have done it. Which makes me fly high:)

@Vinay Thank you :)

Jingle Poetry said...

share your talent with us today,

check out poetry potluck week 28, hope to see you in.

bless your talent,

you rock.

saya said...

@Jingle sure will try to link one of my old poems today and thanks :)