Free to feel the warmth of life
Rejoicing every aspect, we get to learn
Enjoying the life with a view of clarity
Enduring through all the responsibilities with a smile
Dance and sing at any time of the day
Out of the box thinking with a chance to glow
Meet your freedom , have a mutual understanding

Written For Poetry Potluck Week 31:


Anonymous said...

embrace it :)
nice flow, enjoy the potluck!

Anonymous said...

"Rejoicing every aspect, we get to learn"

Nicely crafted!

Jingle said...

freedom is divine,

you rocked on your acrostics,


saya said...

@lynnaima Thanks :)

@beccagivens Thank you my dear friend.

saya said...

@jingle I always cherish your comments and makes me wanna write more for your A++.. Thanks a ton :)

Mia said...

Ooo that was awesome!


Jingle said...

awards for you!

thanks for leaving a comment under my post.

please feel free to take two awards from my post.

saya said...

@Mia Thanks a ton :)