Can you save?

Here I lie
On my bed
With the pills
In my hand.
My head throbs,
As I try to recall.
My heart beats rapidly
Inside my chest.
Panic erupts;
And memories flash
Before my groggy eyes.
I pray with tears
For the last time ever.
Pill after pill;
I swallowed until
I became nauseous.
My head falls into my
Shaking hands.
The pills numb me
From this hell.
I pull my hair,
And grind my teeth.
What went wrong?
I don't want this.
I want out.
Hot tears fall,
As I break down
Once more.
I just want to be saved.

I received the Perfect Poet Award from Thursday poets rally and I hereby accept this with gratitude. 


Butterflies of time said...

A cry for help that came a bit too late--often realisation strikes when we have gone too far to come back-then moments of sharp regret and yet another life wasted. Would love to have your comments on a similar poem.

Anonymous said...

Saddening. Very beautiful. My potluck:

Anonymous said...

sending hugs to the persona. so beautifully sad.

Craig Watson said...

Beautiful write!
My potluck:

Also check out my "Attempted" poem ... And remember life is a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

It is a sadness to despair so. A wish to all for happiness and joy.

Victoria said...

So much pain in this one. How sad to see so much hopelessness.

Thoughts Not Lost said...

Sadness of what if's and realizations come too late caught in these words. Well captured!

Anonymous said...

You've expressed desperation very well and the desire for someone to come along and save you. I hope they did!
Thanks for visiting my poem earlier.

Nitesh Raheja said...

Nits here...
Wat an exhibition of despair...!!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how you can write such wonderful lines with so much emotion, I hope its just the poem, may all your sadness go away, far away :).

:) said...

oh wow, su imaginaciĆ³n es increĆ­ble, este poema me ha hecho tan triste, es hermoso.

Jessica Prescott said...

sad and powerful, good description of desperation. well done

Jingle Poetry said...

bless you, May you be saved.

your words have brought up a segment of reality.
powerful wriitng....

come to poetry potluck again.

Andy said...

Very sad & powerful.

Too often cries for help go unnoticed.

On a brighter note...congratulations on receiving the award! Hope it brings some joy to you.

bharat chandran said...

Very touching poem.. Amazing....

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

glad to be here today.

join poets rally today.
we love your talent.

Jay said...

A sadly beautiful yet tragic tale told with extremely expressive words.Beautifully written :)