Never Happy

We want to be happy. But the mind will
not let us. It delves deep into memories.
It digs deep into desires. It gouges out
old wounds. It leaves us wanting.
No matter what we have.No matter
what we receive.No matter how much
Or what.No matter how content we are.
The mind has its own mind.
Never silent.
Never satisfied.
Never happy.


Anonymous said...

nice but sad.

Anonymous said...

Soo true why are we never happy with our lot?

Jingle said...

well perceived.


Blaga said...

we people have the talent to complicate life and avoid happiness ... sad but true!

Jay said...

I agree.But then by thus worrying and delving into matters,it also saves us from major heartaches by making us realize things as they really are.A great read :)

Anonymous said...

We are never happy because happiness is a concept, that for many, doesn't stand still. Constantly changing.

Anonymous said...

So true but without sadness we wouldn't know or appreciate happiness as fleeting as it may be. Beautiful

bharat chandran said...

May be that is what mind is about
It keeps us engaged all the time
Makes us run behind things
Searching for that moment
Which is worth living for!

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

well written poem with a powerful ending

saya said...

@tinkerbel I feel its coz we never accept what we get n always crave for more n more :)

@Jingle thanks :)

@blaga yes you are very true.. thanks :)

saya said...

@Jay yes you are very true.. but it should not reach to such an extent that we get used to that trauma n live a life with past.. Thanks, your comments are very valuable :)

saya said...

@underthetoodstool May be at times its true :)

@mindlovemisery and Jack thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The mind is great, beautiful, and terrible. Love your poem, it has truth to it.

Leo said...

the mind has its own mind.. yes, I like that! so true!

Thoughts Not Lost said...

Very true, does seem like that sometimes! Great write!

Malini said...

Really, happiness is over hyped...

"Never silent.
Never satisfied.
Never happy."

That we remain..