He climbs higher in the sky,
shimmering and warm,
A new day has been born.

Every sunrise is a blessing,
gift for just today,
Embrace it before it fades away.

What are you bringing me,
I pray,
Of sorrow or of joy today.

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Defiant said...

Very nice write-up!
But, i must say that.. Haiku means only three lines.. :) "Just three" ! :)

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

lovely..thanks for visiting me,

join jingle poetry potluck on Sunday again, have fun.

love your blog.

Jay said...

Such hopeful and accepting words!I'd love to think of everyday like this.I love your sense of acceptance and your choice of words.Lovely!

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

masterfully done.

come to poets rally today.
thanks for the support.